Prayer Series 6 – The Power of United Prayer

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As a child of God, you are called to be a prayer warrior. Clothed in full armour, you are part of a mighty army-marching before the Lord, shedding light in the darkness so the Word of God can penetrate the hearts of the lost. For years, well-meaning people have come together in prayer. But, though their hearts were right, their prayers weren’t effective. They focused on the problem, rather than standing in faith together and believing in the promises of God’s Word. In this DVD, Kenneth Copeland challenges you to analyze your own prayer life, and teaches you how to pray effective prayers of agreement. You’ll discover that: God confirms His Word-not your worries and doubts-with signs and wonders Praise brings God’s salvation and deliverance There is a difference between giving God praise in adversity and giving Him praise for adversity If your prayer life has become dutiful and stale, this teaching will help you rise up and learn to pray faith-filled prayers. Don’t let prayer become religious-a tradition that lacks power. Learn to pray the Word with confidence!

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