Believer’s Voice of Victory TV

The Believer’s Voice of Victory Television Broadcast reaches a potential of 29,200,000 people on channels across Canada.

Our desire is to have the BVOV TV Broadcast on at the most effective time slots and the television stations that most effectively reach the most people across our nation.

With today’s busy schedules, it may be difficult to find time to watch the Sunday or DailyBeliever’s Voice of Victory broadcasts. That’s why we’ve built a Online Broadcast Media Player – so that you can take advantage of these teachings by watching or listening when it’s convenient for you. These exciting programs are available for your viewing, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Missed a broadcast…? No Problem! Visit the Online Broadcast Media Player section to find the episodes you missed!


Listing for Canada

Canada – National Vision TV Daily 9:30 am
Canada – National Vision TV Sunday 10:00 am
Canada – National DayStar Daily 9:30 pm
Canada – Victoria CHEK Daily 8:00 am
Canada – Vancouver CHNU (Joy TV) Daily 10:00 am
Canada – Vancouver CHNU (Joy TV) Sunday 10:00 am
Canada – Calgary CTS-Calgary Daily 5:30 am
Canada – Edmonton CTS-Edmonton Daily 5:30 am
Canada – Lethbridge CJIL (The Miracle Chnl) Daily 8:00 am
Canada – Lethbridge CJIL (The Miracle Chnl) Sunday 10:30 am
Canada – Thunder Bay CKPR Daily 5:30 am