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In God, the Covenant, and the Contradiction: Accessing God’s Promises of Healing, Peace and Provision, Kenneth Copeland and Greg Stephens reveal how the holy Bible is a book of Blood covenants ratified in the sinless blood of Jesus. If you’ve ever had questions about why the blood of Jesus was necessary for the forgiveness of your sins or why Redemption was needed in the first place, this groundbreaking book will help you:

  • See how the Bible is the greatest and most misunderstood Love story ever told
  • Understand why the sinless blood of Jesus was necessary for man’s Redemption
  • Gain revelation about the Blood covenants in the Bible and their significance
  • Overcome every contradiction and obstacle threatening to rob you of God’s covenant promises
  • Discover the rich inheritance God’s Love has provided for you—spirit, soul and body.

Hardcover Book by Kenneth Copeland and Greg Stephens