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In his minibook, The Way of Wisdom, Pastor George Pearsons reveals the greatest thing we can do for ourselves and for those God has placed in our lives is to follow after wisdom!

Do you have questions in your life that you need answers for now? Well, your heavenly Father has your answers! God’s love for you is so great that He does not want to keep you guessing for direction in your life and for the answers to your challenges. All you need to do is ASK, and He will answer!

God’s wisdom will protect you and keep you safe as you let Him guide you every step of your way. He will guide you as you spend time in His word, giving you revelation about who He is, who you are, and what you and He can accomplish together!

Pastor George Pearsons provides essential steps he has practiced to discover God’s wisdom to put his faith to work. He has discovered that faith projects of all sizes and importance are sure to be effective when God’s wisdom is sought and applied.

As you begin to seek The Way of Wisdom, when challenges arise, He will reveal to you key issues to help overcome the challenge. And the key issue just might be a surprise to you!

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By George Pearsons

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