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Trouble. Everyone experiences it at some point. It can feel like it’s just part of life. But why does it happen, and what are you supposed to do about it? Are problems, temptations and trials sent by God to teach you? Who really is behind it all?

It’s time to unveil the real source of your trouble. In The Troublemaker, Kenneth Copeland looks at what Scripture has to say about satan and his mission to steal, kill and destroy humanity (John 10:10). But he also shows how you have been equipped with the full armor and mighty weapons of God to do battle and defeat your enemy. In fact, the devil is no match for the believer who knows his authority in Christ Jesus.

If trouble seems to be all around you, you’ll discover where it’s coming from and what you can do about it in The Troublemaker by Kenneth Copeland. Get ready to turn things around. And get ready to cause some serious trouble for your troublemaker!

*Note: The Troublemaker was previously titled, Know Your Enemy.

By Kenneth Copeland

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