The Ministry of the Prophet

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Major prophets. Minor prophets. False prophets. Of the fivefold ministry, the office of the prophet is possibly the most misunderstood – yet so important.

From Moses to Jeremiah, Daniel to Paul and on to modern-day prophets, men and women of God have spoken the mysteries of the heavenly kingdom into the earth.

This four-part series by Terri Copeland Pearsons includes:

  • Steward of the Mysteries
  • The Prophet, the Seer
  • Demonstrations of the Call
  • A Present Day Prophet

There’s a God-given connection to this ministry office for every believer. Discover a whole new way of hearing God’s voice when you make this vital connection. You will find the insights in this series interesting, enlightening and practical from people of faith. Dive into this message and soar to new heights as you discover The Ministry of the Prophet.

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