The Blessing – The Purpose, The Power, The Manifestation

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You have faith in the Name of Jesus. You have faith in His blood. You have faith in God’s Word. But do you have faith in The Blessing? Blessing is defined as “the power to prosper.” And true Bible prosperity is abundant supply in every arena of your life – spirit, soul and body. God displayed His perfect will – His abundant life – for all the earth and all mankind in the Garden of Eden… for all time. He blessed Adam and told him to “be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth.” From that day until now, man’s assignment has been to spread the Garden of Eden so God’s glory would fill the earth. In this timely teaching, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland and Creflo A. Dollar explore a new level of revelation as they track God’s recorded history of The Blessing – from Adam to Abraham to Jesus – and right on up to us. This teaching will develop your faith as you learn ?? The Garden of Eden is the full expression of God’s love ?? The Garden is the blueprint for abundant life ?? You don’t have to earn The Blessing – God has already bought and paid for it ?? Faith in The Blessing works by well-developed love The Blessing has come full circle. Get ready – you are on the threshold of the life of total fullness God intends for His creation in the power of The Blessing.

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