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God has given you an inheritance straight from heaven! In the Receive Your Inheritance Package, Kenneth Copeland reveals the glorious inheritance you have been given through Jesus Christ!

Your inheritance includes everything you will ever need to live the successful, abundantly blessed life God has always intended for you. Everything you will ever need is wrapped up in your birthright as a child of God!

When Jesus ascended into heaven to the right hand of our Father, He released every spiritual blessing into the earth to be accessed by every person who would place their faith in Him. You have been made a co-heir with Christ!

The Receive Your Inheritance Package includes:

  • Receive Your Inheritance Series Receive a revelation of your rights and privileges as a child of God.
  • Our Covenant with God book – Discover the power of the relationship and covenant God has entered into with you, His family.

God desires that His children receive EVERYTHING He has provided in their covenantal inheritance as joint heirs with Christ. His heart is that we live our lives every day enjoying the rewards of our heritage.

God has given you an abundant inheritance, and it’s time for you to take hold of it and begin living the abundant life as a child of God.

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