Pursuit of His Presence

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What if…

…You could have a deeper friendship with God? God’s presence infused your life with strength and peace? You could experience a more powerful life filled with rest and encouragement?

In the daily activities of life, we must not forget how big God is, how vast His love, how deep His strength. We must remember to ask Him for strength and to replenish our supply.

You can have a deeper relationship with God, deeper than your closest friend. What could you accomplish, how many lives could you touch, if His presence were all-encompassing in your life? You’d find richer satisfaction, deeper strength and more power each day.

In Pursuit of His Presence, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland share devotions designed to help you know the wisdom, grace and power of God. You’ll learn to rest in Him because—through His Word—you have found a never-ending supply of love, peace, security and refreshing comfort.

Take the time now to begin the awesome journey, the Pursuit of His Presence!

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