Partnership and Power — Making the Connection

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God designed partnership to give us – the Body of Christ – the advantage in life and all of life’s circumstances. In Kenneth Copeland’s book Partnership and Power—Making the Connection, you will discover how partnership can put you in the strongest relationship on earth!

When you take hold of the power in partnership with another person or organization, you step into a realm of power to get things done in both your life and in your partner’s life.

Partnership in the Kingdom of God is a covenant relationship where life is shared and victories for one become victories for both partners. The giftings and anointings of one partner become common ground, and the partners can draw on one another, receiving the rewards of both as their own.

Partnership is a level of power that the Church needs more than ever. To be engaged as partners is to become a force that will bring change to our lives and to the lives of people around the world.

Order Partnership and Power—Making the Connection and step into a whole new level of victorious Christian life!

By Kenneth Copeland

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