No Longer Strangers From the Covenants of Promise Series

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You were created to take part in God’s Covenant! In the No Longer Strangers to the Covenants of Promise Series, Kenneth Copeland and Greg Stephens take you deeper into the revelation of God’s covenants with humanity!


God’s Word is packed from beginning to end with the truth of His covenant promises to His people. In these comprehensive teachings you will discover how we, as Christians, are destined to be intimately acquainted with God and His better covenant.


We each have a place and purpose as God’s fully empowered child in God’s covenant plan.


Kenneth Copeland and Greg Stephens will help you activate God’s covenant in your life as they reveal important truths and promises relating to the first and second covenants, as well as Passover and healing for God’s children. Get ready to dig deeper into understanding God’s covenants and how your life is an integral part of His plan!


Request No Longer Strangers to the Covenants of Promise  today, and you will see that you and Jesus are in ministry together!


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