Mercy – The Divine Rescue of the Human Race

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Mercy. Few people truly understand it, yet it’s key to receiving God’s best in your life. It is the compelling power behind The Divine Rescue of the Human Race. It is the only force in the universe strong enough to steal mankind from Satan’s grip.

In Mercy—The Divine Rescue of the Human Race, Kenneth Copeland takes you on a journey into the depths God was willing to go in His compassion to save man from destruction. And he also reveals the heights to which mercy exalts the reborn man and woman, making them to sit together in heavenly places with Jesus.

Far more than some weak feeling or expression of sympathy, mercy is the motivating force behind the plan of redemption that brought Jesus to the earth.

When mercy begins to flow in, old habits and hurts no longer have a place. It truly is The Divine Rescue of the Human Race.

It’s the divine rescue of your life!

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By Kenneth Copeland

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