Living in Prosperity


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God desires that you to live a happy and prosperous life—with every need met. The curse of poverty entered the earth after the Fall of man. But God has redeemed you from that curse. And His Word can help you gain the knowledge necessary to live in the abundance that only He can provide.

In this powerful series, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland show you how to activate God’s principles of prosperity. You’ll discover:

  • how to gain God’s wisdom from His Word
  • the importance of putting God’s Word to work in your daily life
  • how to give God’s way
  • the secret to receiving God’s blessings and living in abundance, and more!

Although the world defines prosperity as financial, political or military power, true prosperity is the ability to use God’s power and resources to meet your needs—spirit, soul and body. You can live in God’s prosperity every minute of every day. Start Living in Prosperity now!

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