Implement, Engage, Press – How to Receive God’s Promises for Your Life

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Whether you have been walking with the Lord 41 days or 41 years, these three actions—implement, engage and press—will make all the difference in your walking in God’s plan. They will determine whether you receive the promises of God for His children or continually struggle through life.

In this timely teaching, Gloria Copeland shares that consistently receiving God’s promises involves:

  • Implementing your faith as a tool to receive all God’s Word declares belongs to you
  • Engaging your faith for as long as it takes to accomplish every detail of God’s plan for your life
  • Pressing in by faith to receive all God has prepared for you
  • And much more

You do not have to settle for a natural life on this earth. You can act now to move forward in God’s plan for your supernatural life. Don’t wait a minute longer—start today!

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