Hearing From Heaven


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Do you feel uncertain when facing life’s numerous transitions? Do questions flood your mind as you’re seeking which is the right path to take? Our desire is to make the decisions that assure God’s blessing for our lives. And we can! God has made a way for us to turn to Him for the answers and direction we need.

Gloria Copeland shares insights into how you can position yourself to hear from God. Hearing From Heaven lays the foundation for the straightforward truths that will help you:

  • Understand that availability is more important than ability
  • Avoid those things that distract you from hearing God’s voice
  • Learn how listening opens up heaven
  • Grasp how God is revealed as our lives are transformed to be more like Jesus
  • Build a life that hears God and is stirred by Him

Don’t make your destiny a complicated issue any longer! Learning to hear God is easy! The turn of each page presents a powerful reminder of how simple it is to know God’s will and take His course of action. Start Hearing From Heaven today!

Paperback Book

By Gloria Copeland

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