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Is it really God’s will for you to be healed? As a born-again believer, you’ve got to be sure. One day your life may depend on it.

Let Gloria Copeland guide you through the Word of God and show you scriptural answers to questions that may be standing between you and the healing power of God. Questions such as:

● What is the real origin of sickness and disease?
● Does God use illness to teach us spiritual lessons?
● What was Paul’s thorn in the flesh?
● Did God really refuse to deliver him from it?
● Is God glorified in the brave way Christians suffer or does He receive glory when we are healed?
● If healing is God’s will, then why aren’t Christians always healed?

The answers to these controversial and provocative questions begin on page one! Don’t stay in the dark another moment. Let the Word remove every shadow of doubt. Discover God’s Will for Your Healing.

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