God’s Will for You: 50th Anniversary Edition

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Some important questions everyone asks at some time in their lives are: “Why am I here?” “Why was I born?” “What is God’s purpose for my life?” “Why do I face so many challenges in life?” “Does my life even matter?”

Gloria Copeland leads you through God’s Word to uncover the answers you’ve been looking for in this dynamic book, God’s Will for You—now celebrating 50 years in print!

In this beautiful, hardcover, 50th Anniversary Edition book, you’ll discover…

    • How your life can be guided daily by the Holy Spirit
    • How you can receive all you need and desire from the rich resources of heaven
    • How you can know and experience God’s love every day
    • How, as God’s child, you can walk in health and prosperity.

Let this timeless teaching from Gloria Copeland guide you in finding answers to the most important questions in your life—as you discover God’s Will for You!

By Gloria Copeland

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