Building Relationships That Last LifeLine Kit

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As Christians, our relationships should be rich and rewarding—the kind of godly connections that spur us on to great things in the Lord! When we unite together in love, forgiveness, faith and singleness of heart, nothing can stand against us.

Whether you’ve need broken relationships repaired or just need to strengthen the ones you have, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland have a life-saving message for you. This interactive LifeLine Kit will help you think scripturally about all the relationships in your life—from your marriage and family to your church and workplace connections.

This kit includes uncompromised, detailed teaching about relationships by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, with interactive devotional questions to help you apply the teaching to your own situation. It also includes a CD with confessions on love read by Kenneth Copeland; worship music on CD that focuses on God’s heart for your relationships and interactions with others; and a DVD teaching specifically chosen to help keep you focused on the Word. And finally, take-along Faith in Action cards that provide a connection point with the materials.

By following this simple and practical Spiritual Action Plan, in 10 days, you’ll completely renew your mind to what God says about your relationships, so you can fortify your marriage, stand for your children, experience blessed friendships, and discover your part in taking God’s Word to a hurting world.

Paperback Book, CD, DVD

By Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

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