And Jesus Healed Them All



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And Jesus Healed Them All

The ministry of Jesus on earth revealed to men the expressed will of God in action. By His example and teaching, man discovered that God’s will was to provide salvation, deliverance, and especially healing to all who would simply believe.

Gloria Copeland examines the overwhelming scriptural evidence, which proves that without a doubt it is God’s plan to heal today, just as in the time when “Jesus healed them all.


Y Jesús Sanaba a Todos

El ministerio terrenal de Jesús le reveló a la humanidad la expresa voluntad de Dios en acción. Mediante Sus ejemplos y enseñanzas, el ser humano descubrió que la voluntad de Dios era proveer salvación, liberación y sanidad a todos los que simplemente creyeran.

Gloria Copeland examina la impresionante evidencia bíblica que prueba, sin lugar a duda, que el plan de Dios es sanar hoy, así como cuando “Jesús sanaba a todos.”

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