Dear Kenneth...

This year I celebrate my 12th anniversary as a born-again Christian. I have known your ministry since I gave my life to Jesus, and have loved you ever since…



Being Partners with KCM means more now than ever. It’s one thing to partner with Netflix. People do that without a second thought. But I want to partner with God’s work. They prayed for us when my dad died. They prayed for us about our child. They prayed for us…today.  And for all they do in God’s kingdom, we enjoy the benefits. I got a spiritual father. Hannah and I received our child of promise.
Terry & Hanna

From Faith to Faith

I gave my life through your book “From Faith to Faith” 9 years ago in my cell Room in jail. I still read it everyday and God still speaks to me through this powerful book. I see His mighty hands on you. May the favor of The Lord be with you Kenneth and Gloria. I love you.


Learning to Live by Faith

As I look back over our journey, I can honestly say that without partnership with KCM, our marriage would not have survived. Through all those dark times, we often called KCM for prayer. They not only prayed for us, they taught us, they encouraged us and they stuck by us. Learning to live by faith saved our marriage, changed our lives and is now impacting a new generation.


Family of Faith

Partnership with KCM means that I’m part of the family of faith. The days of me being a closet Christian are over. I speak a different language. I’m anointed and appointed to speak the Word of God.


Shared Anointing

I’m grateful to have learned to live by faith so young. As Partners with Brother and Sister Copeland and KCM for more than 30 years, we’re on his team and we have access to his anointing.


Spiritual Growth

I have been a partner with this ministry since 1999 and have grown so much in the ways of the Lord through their teaching of the Word of God. I watch BVOV on Day Star television every day. Praise the Lord!


Ministry Multiplied


 …The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man accomplishes much. (James 5:16) Partners receive prayer every day. Kenneth, Gloria, our entire KCM staff and Partners worldwide are committed to praying The WORD for one another.

PERSONAL – Partner Letter

I would estimate that 85-90% of what I preach in meetings…I receive the revelation of it while I’m writing that [Partner] letter… -Kenneth Copeland Each month, Kenneth personally writes a letter to his Partners. It’s filled with prophetic revelation and encouragement grounded in the WORD of God.


The blessing of the Lord makes rich, and He adds no sorrow with it. (Proverbs 10:22) Over 50 years of faith-building resources are available to you. These are often provided FREE of charge, so that you can prosper in every area of your life.

Financial Freedom


not because I desired a gift, but I desire fruit that accumulates to your account. (Philippians 4:17) Partnership is not a glorified way to raise money. Money is a part of it, but its purpose is to exponentially increase the Anointing of God on your life.


—He took the five loaves and the two fish, and looking up to heaven, He blessed them, and broke them, and gave them to all the disciples to set before the crowd. (Luke 9:16) We are good stewards of every gift and each one is twice sown, meaning we sow at least 10% of all financial gifts back into other Christian outreaches across Canada.


He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much… (Luke 16:10-13) We are a registered Canada Revenue Agency charitable organization who voluntarily submits to an annual independent audit. We believe in organizational transparency, and your privacy as a Partner… your information will never be shared.
At Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM) we are all about fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. Our part of this mission is to help believers to grow spiritually by taking them from religion to reality and from the milk of the Word of God to the meat (Hebrews 5:12-14). Partnership makes this possible, but it’s so much more
Partnership is about coming together to accomplish what each of us couldn’t do on our own. It allows you to reach far beyond your personal sphere of influence so that YOU are impacting people all over the world with the love of God through the message of faith. When you partner with Kenneth Copeland Ministries, you are not only joining with us, but tens of thousands of other Partners worldwide are joining with you!
As we join together in partnership we are increasing the anointing of God in our individual lives while simultaneously advancing the anointing of Jesus in the Earth. Suddenly, your ministry isn’t restricted to just your family, friends and neighborhood – It’s expanded to the entire world.
You are now part of our daily television broadcast, our monthly magazine, every social media post, every prayer call, every letter, every Bible and other faith-building resources shipped and so much more…. You are one in a million and part of a ministry of excellence, teaching the WORD of God through every available voice for over 50 years, proclaiming JESUS IS LORD!

“Something BIG and wonderful is happening to you and me, and for us, right now. I tell you, it’s OUR time! The largest gathering of souls into the kingdom of God in the history of mankind is at hand, and you and I are right in the middle of it.”


136,815,966+  since 1984


237,624+ sent worldwide monthly


286,632+ sent monthly
To 155 countries
In 6 languages


Social Media Channels,
Prison Outreach,
Teaching Resources
Live Events to name a few

“Father, I pray this so my Partners can hear my words. I have prayed this prayer for many, many, many years. I commit to You, Father, to keep this ministry pure. To keep it pure on the Word of God. To keep it pure financially and to keep it pure sexually. We are committed to it. And we give You the praise and the honour and the glory for it. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

As a Partner, we ask you to:

Pray for Kenneth & Gloria Copeland. And also for KCM, that we will get the job done of teaching Christians worldwide who they are in Christ Jesus.

Sow financially, as the Lord leads, into the mission of KCM. (We will never personally ask for money or pressure you to give.)

Ministries we support

Over 10% of every financial contribution sown into KCM is given again into other kingdom-minded charitable organizations across Canada, ensuring your seed is twice-sown .

Here are a few of the Canadian Ministries we are BLESSED to support:


Follow Your Seed

What happens when you sow into KCM Canada?

Watch this short video to “Follow the Seed” that is sown in faith into this ministry, and find out where it all ends up…