The Untouchables Package

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The fear of the Lord leads to life; then one rests content, untouched by trouble (Proverbs 19:23, NIV).

“We are witnesses to the things no other generation before us has seen. Past generations have seen terrible things, like disasters and famines of gigantic proportions. The difference is, we are seeing and experiencing them one right after another all over the world. We need to get in the zone.” —Kenneth Copeland What is “the zone”? In Psalm 91, it’s the secret place of the Most High. It’s the safe place for us to live…because according to God’s Word, we are “The Untouchables.” In these end times, it is vital for every believer to know their covenant of divine protection. Join Gloria and Pastor George to find out how you can walk “untouchable” in God’s circle of protection every day!