Where Do You Need Faith to Manifest Right Now?

Vision is the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be.

We at Kenneth Copeland Ministries have created Vision Email Series to help your faith grow and manifest in the area of healing, finance, and relationship.

Choose the area you need God’s power to move right now and invest your time to get in on God’s Word and what He has to say regarding your situation.

Healing Email Series

15 Emails over 23 Days

Practical email series that will strengthen and encourage your journey of healing and faith

Financial Email Series

12 Emails over 21 Days

Practical email series that will help kick-start your road to financial freedom.

Relationship E-Series

24 Emails over 24+ Days

Practical and interactive email series that will help you thrive in your dearest relationships.

*Read this before you start! We recommend you only sign up for 1 email series at a time. Otherwise, you might be overwhelmed by all the emails you get from us. Try one out and after you finish the series, come back and sign up for another!