Your Covenant of Healing Package

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God has promised healing for His people. In the Your Covenant of Healing Package,Kenneth and Gloria Copeland give clear evidence from the Bible that God’s will is for you be healed!

The Your Covenant of Healing Package will get you on the road to a life of healing you’ve been looking for. It includes:

Healing Promises by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

You will discover God’s promises for your healing and see that His healing power is still alive and well in the earth! You will begin to understand the power of healing for you and your family.  As you soak in The WORD, you will be led to a life of total health and well-being. This little book is a manual for practical application of God’s healing Word for your life.

God’s Will for Your Healing by Gloria Copeland

Soak up this timeless message of God’s truth about His desire to heal you. You will discover the reason you are sick and the reason God desires for you to be healed. Find your way out of illness as you dig into God’s Word and discover the problem with illness, as well as the myths and traditions that keep people from receiving healing.

Request the Your Covenant of Healing Package and receive your healing as you apply the truth of God’s promised


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