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Live in the secret place the world knows nothing about

Living in this world can be hazardous to your health. Physical and spiritual danger is everywhere. But you don’t have to be bound by fear—it can’t touch you if you know the secret of abiding in God’s supernatural protection.

Your protection is not something you have to talk God into doing. It’s something He’s already planned for and provided. Your deliverance, preservation and security is guaranteed because of this great salvation that Jesus purchased for you.

Find out how to take cover inside God’s fortress of safety—and stay there. Then dislodge fear and insecurity from your life with the keys to absolute peace of mind revealed in this series. Discover the security of knowing that God Almighty Himself is acting as your shield. Learn what it means to dwell in the secret place of His protection!

Previously published as “Dwelling in the Secret Place.”

2 Messages on 2 CDs

Teaching on Compact Disc

By Gloria Copeland

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