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The Word Works – And It’s All I Need CD Package will give you the foundation you need to bring God’s Word alive in your life. You can receive all God has offered in the promises of His Word!

Every person alive faces challenges each day. How do you get the answers you need to resolve your challenges?

God’s Word has the answer to every question and problem life raises. Jesus likened God’s Word to a seed in Mark 4. He said when you plant seed in the ground, it goes to work. It grows and produces, because the seed knows what to do! The Word of God planted in your heart works the same way.

This package contains:

The Word Works – And It’s All I Need CD series by Kenneth Copeland

In this foundational teaching, Kenneth Copeland shows you how the Word of God is guaranteed to bring results in every situation that every human faces. The WORD of God is alive and powerful, and carries the ability to produce what you need…every time.

The Power of the Tongue book by Kenneth Copeland

We all plant the seed of God’s Word with our mouths. What we speak about any situation is actually the seed that will make it grow and produce.

The key to living the life God has desired for you is putting it to work for you — go to His Word, find the Word that applies to your situation and speak His Word over the situation! God’s Word works and it’s all you need!

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