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Did you know…you create your world with your words? In The Power of Your Words Package, Kenneth Copeland reveals how you are the prophet of your own life, and how you call it in life is how it will be!

Words have power. They can hurt and they can bless. But the power of words reaches much further than the way they make us feel. Our words have supernatural power—power that changes circumstances and shapes destinies. It is our unique ability to choose and speak words that distinguishes man from the rest of God’s creation.

God created this universe and our world by the power of His own Words. He spoke into the darkness and said, “Light be,” and light was. What’s more, He created man as a living, speaking spirit like Himself (Genesis 2:7), and He has divinely commissioned us to speak His words to release light in the midst of darkness.

Every person will enjoy the fruit of their words, whether good or bad. You can’t change the fact that we live in a word-dominated system, but you can choose the words under which you live. Through the power of your words, you can shape your life and fulfill God’s purpose, but you must learn how to speak God’s Word to experience total victory.

More than 50 years ago, Kenneth Copeland learned the power of speaking God’s Word in his own life. His life and ministry are results of this principle in action, and God wants you to help you discover the power of your words to change your life!

The Power of Your Words Package includes:

  • You Are the Prophet of Your Own Life in Mp3 Disc or CD format by Kenneth Copeland
  • How You Call It is How It Will Be minibook by Kenneth Copeland

Request The Power of Your Words Package today, and tap into the authority and power of your words!



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