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Many Christians have become a victim of supernatural identity theft, but we are victims no more! The glory and the mystery of Christianity is in the power of the believer’s identification with Christ.

In his book, The Power of Identification with Christ, Mark Hankins will help you:

  • See how the greatest thing that ever happened to you was Christ’s death, burial and resurrection
  • Understand why, as a believer, you must change your identity in order to reach your divine destiny
  • Get practical steps on how to protect your identity in Christ
  • Learn specifically how God identified us with Christ
  • Discover how the same identical life, victory, joy and blessings In Christ are now in you
  • Fully receive the glory and mystery of Christianity
  • Understand how Jesus embraced our condition, so we might live in Him and He might live in us!

No longer allow the enemy to steal your supernatural identity. Order your copy of The Power of Identification with Christ by Mark Hankins today!

(Ephesians 1 Prayer Scripture Card – free with purchase)

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