The Power of Consistency Package

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You can develop yourself to be a powerhouse of faith! In The Power of Consistency Package, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland lead you into a life of faith that cannot be defeated by any circumstance!


The following contents of this package will give you the keys to strengthen your life of faith and dependence upon God and His Word:


Consistency: The Powerhouse of Faith CD 

by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland


You will discover that God has made available to you the force of faith that moves mountains and changes situations in your life. His Word contains the power to overcome every challenge you may face. You will learn from the Copelands how to develop unshakable, reliable faith that will bring triumph in every the most trying of times. Building strong faith God’s way will lead to your strong, solid foundation that brings consistent victory to your life!


Don’t Give Up—Double Up! 

Minibook by Gloria Copeland


You will discover biblical steps to building a firm foundation of faith in your life. You have God’s Word, promises and faith to speak into existence the changes you need to see. The challenge is always staying with your faith and not giving up. God has given you all you need to push through to victory in every situation!


Request The Power of Consistency Package for FREE today, and become living proof to your world that God is faithful to His Word!

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