The Lord’s Prayer USBMP3

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Have you been overwhelmed, wondering how to activate God’s will in your life and receive the spiritual transformation He intended for you? Has the weight of daily circumstances made habitation in God’s presence a distant or remote reality? Do you simply need a breakthrough?

In this classic audio teaching, Vinita Copeland shares how the Lord’s prayer will help you establish God’s kingdom and will in your life, transforming you from the inside out!

Line by line, Vinita dissects the most powerful prayer Jesus ever prayed from Matthew 6:9-13. As you receive this deep revelation, you’ll discover the sheer power available to you by praying the Lord’s prayer for yourself. It will change your environment. It will change your body, and it will change you.

If you have been exploring ways to become familiar with God’s will for you, or have been facing spiritual opposition from the enemy, get this powerful message from Vinita Copeland—it is sure to transform the way you see scripture. Be prepared to realize the influence residing in your prayer and confession of God’s Word that can bring victory to every area of life.

Teaching on USBMP3

By Vinita Copeland

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