The Gunslinger

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Wichita Slim is an ex-outlaw turned U.S. Marshal. His lightning draw is being used on the right side of the law—until the Dry Gulch Bank is robbed. Knocked unconscious during a shoot-out with the robbers, Slim loses his memory and is captured by his old outlaw gang. He rides along for a series of robberies but knows that something isn’t right. His heart convicts him of wrong, though he does not know he’s a U.S. Marshal. The Territorial Governor issues an ultimatum to Gospel Bill: “Bring Slim back—dead or alive.” Bill tracks down the gang only to find Slim in a deadly shoot-out. Will Slim go against his heart? Will he betray his old friend Gospel Bill? Will Slim get his memory back?

Recommended for children ages 7 and older.

This product is available also in the Faith Adventures of Wichita Slim DVD set.

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