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The Promises Package by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland gives you all the promises of God’s Word about the things that matter most to you: family, healing, prosperity and protection! Using four different translations for your expanded understanding, this set of books will become your “go to” source for scriptures that will build your faith and change things in your life!

This package includes the following books by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland:

Healing Promises

God promises healing for His people. You have read about healing throughout God’s Word, and now you can experience healing in your own life! This hands-on healing manual will help you apply God’s Word to whatever has come against your health. Using these scripture promises in Healing Promises like medicine will bring divine health and wellness to you and your family!

Family Promises

Family harmony is central to God’s heart! But in today’s world, families are under attack. This book brings together all God’s promises for a healthy and happy family life into one place for you. You can stand on these scriptures for yourself and your entire family. Whether you are single and planning for the future or long-time married, Family Promises will give you God’s plan and purpose for marriage and family!

Prosperity Promises

God has always planned for His people to experience abundant provision—spiritually, mentally, physically and financially! When you discover His Word about prosperity, you will have the keys in your heart and hand to be blessed and to be a blessing for His purposes in your world! Prosperity Promises will increase your faith and confidence that God is ready, willing and able to meet every need and fulfill every desire of your heart!

Protection Promises

God has set up a system for the continued protection of His children! He has commanded angels to enforce the hundreds of promises He has made to keep you from danger and harm. God has promised to protect you and your family wherever you are. In Protection Promises you will find God’s Word about protection, obedience and freedom from fear. You can build God’s hedge of protection promises around your family!

You can build your life and live it to the fullest on the promises of God! Request the Promises Package today!

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