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Is your teenager always searching for that intense rush that will put him or her on the edge?The truth is, only one real rush has eternal value… and that’s going Over the Edge into a life lived for God.

This daily devotional by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland takes teenagers on daily adventures in God’s Word where they will discover how to live extreme for Him.

If you’re ready for intense pursuits, forget those lame, alternative rushes everybody’s trying. Go for the one real rush that has eternal value—the kind that comes from knowing God, not just knowing about Him. Truly discover who He is and what He has planned for you. Go Over the Edge!

Think of this book as a road map to help you understand the ways of God. It’s a book packed with 365 intense trips into truths about living for Him. It will guide you into discovering new adventures, pressing beyond limitations and diving headfirst into God’s plan for your life.

If you want what’s real in life, don’t take someone else’s word for it. Take God’s. His Word will take you as far as you want to go.

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