Managing Your Heavenly Account Package

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In Gloria Copeland’s Managing Your Heavenly Account Package you will discover the source and purpose of prosperity in every area of your life.

Your heavenly account is filled with not just finances, but with everything you need in spirit, soul and body!

This package includes:

The Grace of Giving CD by Gloria Copeland

Giving from a cheerful heart provides benefits that make your daily life pure joy. When your giving becomes an integral part of your worship, you will experience changes in your financial status that will make you a diligent sower and an equally diligent harvester. God’s grace is His gift to you, and He has graced you to be a giver!

No Deposit, No Return minibook by Gloria Copeland

God has provided all the wealth, health, relationship, peace and success you will ever need to live a full and content life. You have a spiritual bank account that has an ever-ready supply, just waiting for you to draw upon by faith to meet every need and desire of your heart.

Heaven has so much waiting to be delivered to your life, and you can begin to receive all God has in store for you right away!


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