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A demonic spirit of division is the root of all strife, and it tries to operate at the highest levels of the land to the hallways of your house and everywhere in between. Discover how to put the enemy in his place and stop the spirit of division in the Living Free from Strife Package by Kenneth Copeland.


The Living Free From Strife Package includes the following teachings by Kenneth Copeland:


A House Not Divided minibook – The Body of Christ has the power to stand its ground and render the enemy powerless in his attempts to divide us. Any kind of strife among people brings heartbreaking aftermath that you can avoid by living in love and faith. Your house will not be divided when the peace of Jesus Christ prevails because you take your stand to keep the enemy out of your life.


How to Conquer Strife minibook – Strife isn’t something you can treat casually. It’s a deadly enemy. James 3:16 says where strife is there is confusion and every evil work, and it must be stopped in our daily lives.

As a born-again child of God, you’re called to be a peacemaker (Matthew 5:9). But is it really possible to live in a world full of strife without being drawn into the conflict? Yes, it is. Discover how you can conquer strife and put it under your feet where it belongs!


The Force of Forgiveness CD – See how faith and answered prayer are vitally linked to forgiveness. You will go deeper into the life-changing force of forgiveness. Forgiveness is essential to a life of faith and allows you to take your prayer life to a higher level.


Request the Living Free from Strife Package today, and eliminate strife from your life for good!

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