Healing Confessions Package

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Healing Confessions Package –

The Healing Confessions Package by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland will help you receive your healing! Your healing begins with understanding God’s will for healing His people. And your healing culminates with your speaking your healing according to God’s will and His Word!
In this package, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland have put together tools that will help you discover the promises of God’s Word that guarantee your healing. You will see that you can keep yourself healthy and whole by speaking the Word of God over your life and health.
You will have the healing scriptures right at your fingertips to use for yourself and everyone who calls on you for healing prayer. And you will become skilled in using these scriptures just like you would a prescription medicine!
The Healing Confessions Package includes:
You Are Healed! Minibook by Kenneth Copeland
Healing Confessions Book and CD by Gloria Copeland
How You Call It Is How It Will Be Minibook by Kenneth Copeland

Discover the truth of the power of God’s Word and your own words. Re-create your life and health by the power of your words. Change your health and transform your life with the Healing Confessions Package!

You Are Healed –

“I want My people well.” This is the cry of God’s heart. And it is such a deep desire that He has provided a covenant, a promise, of healing for all who will believe. In this brief, but thorough Bible-based study, Kenneth Copeland proves beyond all doubt that “by His stripes” You Are Healed!


By Kenneth Copeland

How You Call It Is How It Will Be –

God established a word-created, word-controlled universe from the very beginning, speaking into the darkness and saying, “Light be!” Discover your divine commission to release light in the midst of darkness with the words you speak.


By Kenneth Copeland

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