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Your Heavenly Father is your best friend! Kenneth Copeland prepared the Developing Friendship With God MP3 Package to help you get to know God as the dear friend He desires to be to you!

How would you describe a genuine friend?

The best thing about a friend is it is someone you can trust. It’s safe to share your dreams with a true friend who believes in you. A genuine friend is someone who knows your faults and loves you anyway. It’s someone who can share your joys and bear your sorrows and you can do the same for them.

In this package, Kenneth Copeland helps you walk hand in hand with God through His Word, so you can see He’s not just your heavenly Father. He is also a true, sincere friend…better than any friend you’ve ever had!

God treasures you more than anyone else possibly could. After all, He gave His only Son just to develop a relationship with you. God always believes the best for you and His words are full of life, full of healing, full of power, full of love—for you!


The Developing Friendship With God MP3 Package by Kenneth Copeland is filled with God’s Word and truth that contain the power to engage you and keep you in effective fellowship with God. Through the MP3 and Study Guide you will:


  • Discover the genuine friendship God has offered you
  • Draw closer to God while sharing your dreams and challenges with the One who truly cares about you
  • Know for certain you can share the deepest thoughts and desires of your heart with your Father
  • Understand God’s love for you and His level of friendship that is superior to any you’ve ever known


Make Developing Friendship With God your top priority, and begin today to live your life with your best friend – the One who knows all about you and loves you for who you are!

4 Messages on MP3-Disc or CD and Study Guide by Kenneth Copeland


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