End-Time Readiness Package


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In the End-Time Readiness Package, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland lead you through understanding and preparing for the glorious return of our Lord.

The End-Time Readiness Package includes:

Living at the End of Time—A Time of Supernatural Increase

Paperback book by Kenneth Copeland

Kenneth Copeland shares that mankind has entered into a narrow band of time, which may be the biggest and perhaps the most significant since the creation of Adam. This sliver of time marks the moment just before the catching away of the Church. It is the time of the final outpouring when signs, wonders and miracles will start spilling over into everyday life.

Are You Ready?

Minibook by Gloria Copeland

Gloria Copeland conveys a message she wants to echo in your mind: BE READY! Ask yourself today…honestly…Am I ready? The time to prepare is now because:

  • God has an appointment with the Church. Through His Word and Spirit, we know that His time of judgment and celebration with His children is near.
  • You can be set for His return—but you’re the one who has to take the responsibility to prepare yourself.
  • If you’re watching and walking in tune with the Spirit, you won’t be in the dark. You can actually be ready and looking forward to all He has waiting for you.

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