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In the Discovering True Prosperity Package, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland will reveal biblical principles that took them from poverty to walking in heaven’s blessings. A prosperous life doesn’t happen overnight or by chance, and it’s more than financial blessings. It includes healing, protection, favor, wisdom, success, well-being and every good thing you could possibly need. It includes everything Jesus desires for you to have. Discover how He took your place and bore the curse of sin, so you could live in true prosperity!

The Discovering True Prosperity Package by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland includes:

True Prosperity Minibook

In this powerful book, Gloria Copeland will show you how to build the foundation of a prosperous life. Learn the secret to where true prosperity begins. Hint—it’s not in your finances!

True Prosperity MP3

In this five-part series, Kenneth and Gloria Copeland teach key biblical financial principles that are key to your financial prosperity. Once you understand how to tap into God’s supernatural laws of prosperity, you will obliterate any lack in your life.


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