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Are you a new Christian wanting to experience more of God? Or you may have been a believer for years but haven’t seen much change in your life and wondering why…

That’s because a war is raging within you. You’re a born-again believer, but your flesh is fighting to regain control.

The good news is that you can win that war!

God has placed within you The Power to Live a New Life. You actually have the same new life God gave Jesus when He raised Him from the dead, residing on the inside of you.

If you are not experiencing the power of God in your life, you don’t need more of God—He needs more of you!

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About the Author

Gloria Copeland is internationally known as an author, teacher and minister of the gospel. She and her husband, Kenneth, co-founded Kenneth Copeland Ministries in Fort Worth, Texas in 1967. Gloria preaches worldwide the truth and freedom she has found in God, sharing honest, straightforward messages about how the Word of God has taken her from a life of failure and defeat to a life of victory. As a wife, mother, grandmother and vice president of an international ministry, Gloria is well-acquainted with the challenges people face today and is well-equipped to show them where to find answers to success and the fulfillment of God’s plan for their lives.

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