• KCBC scholarship amounts are determined by the KCBC scholarship review committee.
  • Awards range in value with a potential increase up to full tuition. Eligibility for any amount up to and including full tuition depends on admission to the college.
  • KCBC scholarships vary and may be valid for up to two years of continuous, full-time enrollment at Kenneth Copeland Bible College.
  • KCBC scholarships are not transferable and must be used the year they were awarded.
  • Awards may be suspended for a period of time or canceled if recipients do not remain in good standing with the college as determined by the Kenneth Copeland Bible College Scholarship Review Committee.
  • KCBC Scholarship Review Committee reserves the right to reduce or revoke a KCBC scholarship should a recipient violate the honor code as outlined in the KCBC Student Handbook.

Scholarship Application

Please click one of the links below to apply for a Kenneth Copeland Bible College Canada Scholarship. New Students, please click the Incoming Students Scholarship link to apply.

Incoming Student Scholarship (for New Students)
Available April 2nd thru June 30th, 2024.

Returning Student Scholarship
Available April 2nd thru June 30th, 2024. (Email the KCBC Canada administration to start the application.)

If you have more questions or want to talk with one of our staff you can call us at 1-877-480-3388 or email us at

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